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     The Lokayukta (also Lok Ayukta) is an anti-corruption ombudsman organization in the Indian states. The Administrative Reforms Commission (ARC) headed by Morarji Desai submitted a special interim report on "Problems of Redressal of Citizen's Grievances" in 1966. In this report, the ARC recommended the setting up of two special authorities designated as 'Lokpal' and 'Lokayukta' for the redressal of citizens' grievances.

     The LokAyukta, along with the Income Tax Department and the Anti Corruption Bureau, mainly helps people bring corruption amongst the politicians and officers in the government service to public attention. Many acts of the LokAyukta have not resulted in criminal or other consequences for those charged.

The public servants who are covered by the The Karnataka Lokayukta Act, 1984 (KARNATAKA ACT OF 4 OF 1985) , Came into force w.e.f from 15-01-1986.
include :-

  • Chief Minister;
  • all other  Ministers and Members of the State Legislature;
  • all officers of the State Government;
  •  Chairman, Vice Chairman of local authorities, Statutory bodies or Corporations established by or under any law of the State Legislature, including Co-operative Societies;
  •  Persons in the service of Local Authorities, Corporations owned or controlled by the State Government, a company in which not less than 50% of the shares are held by the State Government, Societies registered under the State Registration Act, Co-operative Societies and Universities established by or under any law of the Legislature.

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